Embracing Your Inner Warrior

Embracing My Inner Warrior

They say that you can do anything in Vegas. Well, apparently, you can. My older kids noticed a brochure on the tourist racks for a place called “The Gun Store.” Yeah, I know a gun store? “But dad, they have all of these uber old guns from World War II and stuff and they even let grownups fire some of them.”
My wife was less than excited about this. Being a guy (and a Warrior at heart) I admit that my curiosity was up. Apparently, this place is famous worldwide. Ozzie Osborne is a regular. We had done the typical Vegas tourist stuff and this place was on the road out of town so we decided that we’d see what the fuss was about.
Well, this place really was uber. I’m not a big gun person and if you hate guns or whatever I understand that this may make you uncomfortable but in this case my love of history and my own male nature just got the best of me. They had historic and modern guns all over their walls. It was like a museum but in this museum, for a price, you can do more than just look.
They had an MP-40. That’s one of those German machine guns that you see in all the movies (worth up to $45,000 each and impossible to buy on the antique gun market). And yes, I just had to try it out on their range (see photo above). It was a once in a lifetime experience. Then there was an authentic Tommy gun; the kind that the gangsters used in the 1930s. They also had much more.
Just the money sitting around this place was unbelievable. All of this stuff must have cost them a fortune and taken years to assemble. I have done some historical reenacting in my past and seeing and experiencing all of this history was just awesome. The whole time I was guided by a highly-trained professional who was a US Special Forces guy and an expert in martial arts. Plus he was a very nice person, too.
Was this a testosterone-filled environment? Yes. It was also a first-class one. It was just the kind of quirky and unusual non-touristy stuff that I love to find when we travel.
Frankly, I enjoy the fact that I have no trouble blending my own peaceful spirituality with my more animal passions in a strange looking blend that nevertheless works for me.
I believe that only when we embrace every part of who we are (without fear) can we truly find peace and happiness and have uber cool days like today, too.
For me, that is the essence of what it means to be a Passionate Warrior

BB gun: Follow the safety rules

A BB gun is a popular toy gun. Since it is not possible to use real guns for the children as they can be unsafe, you should simply go for a BB gun. BB gun is a great fun gun for the children. But, the primary step should be to teach the children about the proper use of BB guns.

Your children should be aware that this BB gun is not a toy. With the use of BB guns, one can know that how one can use a real gun, this helps in self protection. Children can practice it in a good faith. Children should be aware that these guns should be handled properly, as it can harm anyone and cause injuries.

BB guns can be misused, so there are some guidelines that should be followed by the parents while giving these guns to their children, which are as follows:

• Children who have attained 16 years of age are eligible for the use of BB gun, as per the Consumer Products Safety Commission. The age can vary from one state to another.

• Parents should clearly teach the difference between a real gun and a BB gun, so that a child should not get confused and use a real gun in place of a BB gun.

• The markings on a BB gun should not be removed and the gun should be of bright colors. If the markings are removed, policemen can mistake a toy gun for the real gun.

• A BB gun can harm your eyes and cause injuries while shooting, as it can also get backfired. Therefore, the child using this toy gun should wear eye protection.

• Parents should try these toy guns on their own first and then handle it to the children. The sound of the fire should not be so much loud, as it can make your children deaf and damage hearing. There should be hearing protection given to the children.

The above mentioned safety rules for BB gun should be followed properly for the safety of your child. There are some other rules also for using these toy guns, which should be taken care of before buying one. If your child uses a BB gun as per the safety rules, it could be fun and learning experience for him. So, go and buy a BB gun for your child, but with care.

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